Articles and Chapters

Below is a list of articles and chapters on needs assessment. Click on the title to get more reference information. You can search the list as well. If you have recommendations for the list, please let us know.

First Author (last name)TitleYear
Mathews Quality training: Needs and evaluation - findings from a European survey 2001
Selmer A quantitative needs assessment technique for cross-cultural work adjustment
training 2000
Kaufman Getting serious about results and payoffs: We are what we say do 2000
Leigh Alternate models of needs assessment: Selecting the right one for your organization. Human 2000
Chiu Re–thinking Training Needs Analysis: A Proposed Framework for 1999
Chiu Re–thinking Training Needs Analysis: A Proposed Framework for Literature Review 1999
Myers The objective assessment of general practitioners’ educational needs: an under-researched area? 1999
Stevens Needs assessment: From theory to practice 1998
Al-Khayyat Training and development needs assessment: a practical model for partner institutes 1998
Bowers Analyzing communication sequences for team training needs assessment 1998
Bowers "Analyzing communication sequences for team training needs assessment""" 1998
Kaufman The Changing Corporate Mind: Organizations. vision. mission. purposes. and indicators on the move toward societal payoffs. Performance 1998
Taylor A New Integrated Framework for Training Needs Analysis. Human 1998
Watkins Needs assessment: A digest. review. and comparison of needs assessment literature. Performance 1998
Brethower Rapid analysis: Matching Solutions to Changing Situations 1997
Fulop Using the World Wide Web to conduct a needs assessment 1997
Wang Photovoice: Concept. Methodology. and Use for Participatory Needs Assessment 1997
King The Community Needs Assessment: Analyzing the Not-For-Profit Market” 1997
Leat Training needs analysis: weaknesses in the conventional approach 1997
Triner Training Needs Assessment: A Contradiction in 1996