Articles and Chapters

Below is a list of articles and chapters on needs assessment. Click on the title to get more reference information. You can search the list as well. If you have recommendations for the list, please let us know.

First Author (last name)TitleYear
Boss Basic human needs: abstraction, indeterminacy and the political account of need. 2021
Purnomo Needs Assessment Knowledge from Facilitator of Community Empowerment Program in the Digital Era. 2020
Bayer Needs Assessment Tool Kit. 2020
Brown Developing A Needs Assessment Plan: A Practical Guide for Public Libraries 2020
Gough Defining floors and ceilings: the contribution of human needs theory. 2020
Houghton Who needs social networking? An empirical enquiry into the capability of Facebook to meet human needs and satisfaction with life. 2020
Fellner Human needs, consumerism and welfare. 2020
Mahlert Needs and satisfiers: A tool for dealing with perspectivity in policy analysis 2020
DesmetBeyond Maslow’s pyramid: introducing a typology of thirteen fundamental needs for human-centered design.. Beyond Maslow’s pyramid: introducing a typology of thirteen fundamental needs for human-centered design. 2020
Stefaniak The influence of perceived constraints during needs assessment on design conjecture 2018
Umar Core competency requirements among extension workers in peninsular malaysia: Use of Borich’s needs assessment model 2017
Thammasaeng Needs assessment of information and communication technology literacy (ICT literacy) of students in secondary educational service area 2016
Vis Analyzing Relationships of Necessity Not Just in Kind But Also in Degree: Complementing fsQCA With NCA 2016
Dul Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA): Logic and Methodology of ‘‘Necessary but Not Sufficient’’ Causality 2016
Kalman Integrating Evaluation and Needs Assessment: A Case Study of an Ergonomics Program 2016
Stefaniak Triangulating Perspectives: A needs assessment to develop an outreach program for vulnerable and underserved populations 2015
Watkins Defining what you are assessing 2014
Wedman Needs assessments in the private sector 2014
West Meiers International perspectives: Similarities and differences around the globe 2014
Altschuld Needs assessment and asset/capacity building: A promising development in practice 2014