Below are links to needs assessment focused websites. If you have others that you would like for us to add, please Contact Us using the form above. (short videos on lessons learned by graduate students doing needs assessments) [necessary conditions analysis] (Coordinated Assessments for Humanitarian Response)  (NOAA self-paced overview course on needs assessment) (American Evaluation Association Needs Assessment Topical Interest Group) (Guide developed by the US Dept. of Education Office of Migrant Education) [Developing a Model Comprehensive Statewide Needs Assessment — alternative link] [webinar] [Methods for Conducting Educational Needs Assessments report] [United Nations Environment Programme. (March 2008). Environmental needs assessment in post-disaster situations. A practical guide for implementation.]
 [United Nations Development Programme, World Bank, & United Nations Development Group. (August 2004). Needs assessments in post-conflict situations.] [a compilation of Post Disaster Needs Assessment reports supported by the Global Facility for Disaster Reduction and Recovery]

[guidelines for conducting post disaster needs assessments, by sector]

[a variety of reports from ACAPS, Assessment Capacities Project, on all aspects of humanitarian needs assessments] [World Bank Institute, Infrastructure Professionals Enterprise, Ltd., & Center for Environmental Education. Training needs assessment report. Solid Waste
management Learning program in India.]

Assessing Community Needs and Resources [a number of tools and resources on a comprehensive site]