Articles and Chapters

Below is a list of articles and chapters on needs assessment. Click on the title to get more reference information. You can search the list as well. If you have recommendations for the list, please let us know.

First Author (last name)TitleYear
Altschuld A primer on needs assessment: More than 40 years of research and practice 2014
Engle Needs assessment: The perspective from the public sector 2014
Lepicki Needs assessments to determine training requirements 2014
Valenzuela ¡ Hazlo Bien! A Participatory Needs Assessment and Recommendations for Health Promotion in Growing Latino Communities 2013
Dachner To infinity and
beyond: using a narrative approach to identify training needs for unknown and dynamic
situations 2013
Kehn Identifying the health service needs of homeless adults with physical disabilities 2013
Mavroudi Learning needs analysis of collaborative e-
classes in semi-formal settings: The REVIT example 2013
Pieh-Holder Qualitative needs assessment: Healthcare experiences of underserved populations in Montgomery County 2012
Wang Needs assessment and curriculum mapping: Enhancing management skills of the nonprofit workforce 2012
White Understanding the ‘‘what should be condition’ 2012
Wittich A Practical Approach to Defining Professional Practice Gaps for Continuing Medical Education 2012
Ahari Community-based needs assessment in an urban area: A participatory action research project 2012
Barker Steege Meeting needs assessment challenges: Applying the performance pyramid in the U.S 2012
Casteel Volunteer management needs assessment of the Tennessee 4-H program 2012
Iqbal Answering the journalistic six on the training needs assessment of pharmaceutical sales representatives: Comparative perspectives of trainers and trainees” 2012
Kavale Needs and Needs Assessment in Career Guidance and Counselling: Lack of Scientific Exploration and Justification? 2012
Keister Multi-method needs assessment optimizes learning 2012
Kwok Need satisfaction mechanism linking volunteer motivation and life satisfaction: A mediation study of volunteers’ subjective well-being 2012
Moore A Mixed-Methods. Multiprofessional Approach to Needs Assessment for Designing Education 2011
McLeod Knowledge of need 2011