Articles and Chapters

Below is a list of articles and chapters on needs assessment. Click on the title to get more reference information. You can search the list as well. If you have recommendations for the list, please let us know.

First Author (last name)TitleYear
Williams Issues in front-end decision making on projects. Project 2010
Corn Investigating the quality of the school technology needs assessment (STNA) 3.0: A
validity and reliability study 2010
Denby The importance of training needs analysis 2010
Eschenfelder Using community based assessments to strengthen nonprofit-government collaboration and service delivery. Journal of Health and 2010
Norris Needs assessments: An integrated assignment in civic service 2009
Overcast A case example of assessment and evaluation: Building capability in a corporate university 2009
Rossett technology requires more analysis 2009
Swart Developing performance data for making useful faculty and leadership decisions 2009
Abdullah Training Needs Assessment and Analysis: A Case of Malaysian Manufacturing Firms 2009
Chen Needs assessment of volunteers in a non-profit organization in taiwan. College 2009
Smith Assessing volunteers' needs and interests to inform curriculum development in 4-H 2009
Martin Making sure the solutions are the right ones 2009
McKimm Assessing learning needs 2009
Moore Achieving Desired Results and Improved Outcomes: Integrating Planning and Assessment Throughout Learning Activities 2009
Eerde The mediating role of training utility in the relationship between training needs assessment and organizational effectiveness. The 2008
Wissick Conducting Assessments in Technology Needs: From Assessment
to Implementation 2008
Bowman Different roles: different perspectives: perceptions about the purpose of training needs analysis Bowman 2008
Dalton 2008
Dalton Did the prevalence of PTSD following
Hurricane Katrina match a rapid needs assessment prediction?: A template for future
public planning after large-scale disasters 2008
Hung Methodological and conceptual issues confronting a cross-country Delphi study of educational program evaluation. Evaluation and 2008