Articles and Chapters

Below is a list of articles and chapters on needs assessment. Click on the title to get more reference information. You can search the list as well. If you have recommendations for the list, please let us know.

First Author (last name)TitleYear
Norman The need for needs assessment in continuing education 2004
Peterson From felt need to actual need: a multi-method multi-sample approach to needs assessment 2004
Gould "Training needs analysis: an evaluation framework""" 2004
Gould Training needs analysis: an evaluation framework 2004
Roberson Using needs assessment to resolve controversies in diversity training design 2003
Watkins A process for aligning performance improvement resources and strategies. Performance 2003
Arthur Effectiveness of Training in Organizations: A Meta-analysis of Design and 2003
Arthur Effectiveness of Training in Organizations: A Meta-analysis of Design and Evaluation Features 2003
Macaulay Community needs assessment and development using the participatory research model 2003
Molenaar Educational Needs Assessment for Design/Build Project Delivery. Journal of Professional Issues in Engineering Education & 2003
Watkins Assessing and Evaluating Differentiating perspectives. 2002
Cohen Performance Assessment of Community-based Physicians: Evaluating the Reliability and Validity of a Tool for Determining CME Need 2002
Perol A Simple Tool to Evoke Physicians' Real Training Needs 2002
Grant Learning needs assessment: assessing the need 2002
King Needs assessment recommendations for practice from the field 2002
Miranda Needs Assessments and Business Case Analysis for Technology Investment Decisions. Government 2002
Watkins Performance Improvement: More than bettering the here and now. Performance 2001
Daley Needs assessment of the displaced population
following the August 1999 earthquake in Turkey 2001
Korth Consolidating Needs assessment and evaluation: Saving time and money 2001
Lan Web‐Based Instruction for Education Faculty: A Needs Assessment. Journal of 2001